Alice Pinotti


Alice Pinotti, was born in Milan (Italy) in 1997. Always passionate about Humanities, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Milan in March 2020, writing her thesis about Laura Mulvey and the Feminist Film Theory. That same year, she started the double-degree Master programme GEMMA in Women’s and Gender Studies, spending the first year studying at the University of Bologna and the second one at Utrecht University. She has recently graduated with a final dissertation on the subversive power of the witch as a female figure and the link between the phenomenon of the witch-hunt and the rise
of capitalism in Europe.

Alice developed a passion for writing when she was a child, and this led her to start a collaboration with the Italian association and culture website Filosofemme, for which she had her column named “Gendersofia” in 2020. Here, she explained in an accessible way the topics addressed during the meetings of a seminar cycle held at the University of Milan on the present and future perspectives of Feminist and Queer Philosophies.

Her main specialty areas:

• Gender Studies
• Philosophy
• Feminism

Alice Pinotti