Öyküm Gelen


Öyküm Gelen, was born at 2001 at Erzincan, Turkey. A few months after her birth, they moved to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and has started her academic career and stayed there for 19 years. Including her educational years in primary school, she has written for herself and also competitions. These competitions included both in-school activities and some outside of the academic chamber. After success in the competitions, she has written for a literary magazine for a short time.

Following her academic achievements and routine writings, she has attended TOBB University in the major of Architecture. After a year of studying in Ankara, she decided to move to Italy to study architecture at Politecnico di Torino. During her education, she kept writing and also earned some skills in photo editing and design/drawing. Besides those skills with the needed written and verbal resources, she has developed an interest in the history of arts and architecture and newly developed technologies of design.
She is still studying at Politecnico di Torino.

Her specialty areas are:
• Architecture
• Art
• English and Turkish Literature
• Design

Öyküm Gelen