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Victor Cornily


Victor Cornily was born in France in 1997, enjoying the unique blend of dual nationality - Polish and French. Raised in a multilingual and culturally diverse household, he developed a deep appreciation for the richness of different languages and backgrounds. Following the completion of his Bachelor's degree in Medical Biotechnology from the Medical University of Łódź, Victor embarked on a new chapter in Germany, pursuing a Master's degree in the same field.

Throughout his academic journey, Victor actively sought diverse experiences to broaden his horizons. He engaged in internships abroad, immersing himself in the scientific landscapes of Spain and India. These adventures provided him with invaluable insights into the diverse cultural perspectives and scientific methodologies employed around the world. Early into his scientific journey, Victor's passion for academic writing blossomed.

Victor's Master's thesis delved into a topical and significant issue – the potential application of therapeutic mRNA in addressing alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. His research yielded remarkable results, including the creation of optimised A1AT and the development of a lucrative transfection method for human cells. These ground-breaking findings may serve as a guiding light for future investigations into mRNA-based therapies for various single-gene disorders. Nonetheless, he is captivated by the fascinating field of regenerative medicine and envisions a future intertwined with this area. Apart from scientific pursuits, Victor is absorbed by music. He showcases his singing on YouTube, while also participating in various talent shows.

Victor Cornily
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