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Vicente José Rodríguez Rojas


Vicente José Rodríguez Rojas, hailing from Santiago, Chile, is an erudite scholar with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy earned from the prestigious University of Chile. His academic pursuit continued on an international scale, courtesy of the Chilean government's support, as he embarked on advanced philosophical studies in the United Kingdom, culminating in the attainment of a research-intensive Master's in Philosophical Studies (MPhil).

Transitioning seamlessly from academia to education, Vicente commenced his professional journey as an educator at a Chilean high school, illuminating young minds on the historical trajectory of philosophy. His pedagogical focus encompassed the nuanced evolution of moral philosophy, epistemology, and political philosophy, fostering a deep-seated passion for imparting knowledge and nurturing intellectual curiosity. Simultaneously, his tenure coincided with a tumultuous political landscape, reaffirming his resolve to champion social reform initiatives, notably within the realms of education, pensions, and healthcare. Building upon three years of teaching experience, Vicente embarked on a transformative academic pursuit, enrolling in a Master's program in European and Global Studies at the esteemed University of Padova in Italy.

A steadfast advocate for unfettered access to education and knowledge, Vicente embodies an independent and meticulous approach to intellectual inquiry. He espouses an ardent belief in the elegance and clarity inherent within even the most intricate and abstract concepts.

His areas of academic focus and fervent interest encompass a broad spectrum:

- Political Philosophy

- European Policies

- International Relations

- Moral Philosophy

- Metaphysics and Epistemology

Vicente José Rodríguez Rojas
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