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Sean Downey


Seán Downey was born in Cork in the Republic of Ireland in 1997. With an interest in literature from a young age, he studied at his hometown University College Cork, completing a double major in English and History. During his time at the university his work received several awards from the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, including Title of College Scholar for Outstanding Academic Performance in 2018.

Seán is passionate about travel and has lived in Italy since 2021. He moved to Emilia-Romagna following the easing of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and has worked as an English teacher in various settings, from elementary schools to university groups. Since May 2023 he has lived in Torino. In his free time Seán continues to be an avid reader. He takes every opportunity to explore his adopted country, touring Italian cities and historical sites and hiking in the Alps and the Apennine mountains.

His areas of research interest include:

  • Irish Literature

  • 20th Century American Literature

  • First World War and its social effects

  • Cold War History

Sean Downey
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