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Meda Vaitonytė


Meda Vaitonytė was born in 1996 in Lithuania. Having a very broad spectrum of interests, Meda attended Arts School, where her specialties were ballet and playing the piano. Following her graduation, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design that was later changed to Psychology. Meda obtained a bachelor’s in Psychology at Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) and a master’s degree in Psychology of Intercultural Relations at the University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal). During her master studies, Meda was actively involved in research, with an emphasis on the topics of immigration, ethnic prejudice, cultural racism, far-right political orientation, moral conservatism, and postmodern conservatism.

Among Meda‘s many interests, literature and writing were always dear to her. Starting with early attempts at writing poetry and being an avid participant in the literature of antiquity competitions during her school years, this passion led to a career in publishing and editing. Meda has been working as a book reviewer for 8 years and an editor for over 2 years.

Her specialty areas are:

  • Cultural Racism

  • Political Psychology

  • Social/Cultural Psychology

  • Intercultural Communication

Meda Vaitonytė
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