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Hazal Kazancı


Hazal Kazancı was born in Ankara, Turkey in 2000. From her childhood, she was always attracted to art and sports. She took various art and sports courses such as ice skating, horse riding, gymnastics, ballet, volleyball, theatre, and dancing. She continued dancing in the State Folk Dance Ensemble for 10 years.


After age 16, she toured many cities in Turkey and performed with her dance team. In 2018, she was included in the dance crew that performed in the capital of Senegal, Dakar as part of the Turkish-Senegalese Friendship Consolidation Event.


Kazancı got accepted to Bilkent University, American Culture, and Literature, in 2018. She enrolled in High Honor and Honor Lists several times during her academic career. Bilkent University also became a place for her to pursue her goals as a writer. Additionally, it was where the seeds of her interest in American culture, literature, and history were planted. As a part of the Work and Travel Summer Program, she spent the summer of 2022 in the U.S. Myrtle Beach where she worked as a lifeguard.


Other than writing, she is passionate about reading, horse riding, yoga, and traveling.


Her specialty areas are:


•             American Culture

•             American Intellectual History

•             American West

Hazal Kazancı
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