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Gülce Tekin


Gülce Tekin was born in Turkey in 1999. She received her high school degree from Ted Ankara College International Baccalaureate Program and continued with her Bachelor's degree at Bilkent University, department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. She is a Master's student in the University of Heidelberg, Germany on Plant Sciences.

Throughout her Bachelor's, she focused mostly on animal and human studies until she had the chance to perform a voluntary internship in München for 3 months on Plant Cell Biology and enjoyed every moment of it.

Her interest for writing started when she was a little kid, writing diaries of her own and she managed to continue throughout the years, this time by writing articles about topics that interest her. These include science, psychology, Greek mythology and philosophy. She learned more about these fields by taking extra classes at school as well as reading into the fields. 

Besides being a writer, she enjoys reading, crocheting, and doing yoga. She always prefers to be on the creative side to feel like herself and keep that little kid with the journal alive!

Her specialty areas are:

  • Plant Sciences

  • Molecular Biology 

  • Cell Biology

  • Genetics

  • Psychology

Gülce Tekin
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