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Fırat Çetiner


Fırat Çetiner was born in 1999 at the capitol of Turkey. He started his educational career in Ankara Tevfik Fikret French College. During high school, he has been involved in several organizations as theater festivals and sport competitions as benevolent. In 2018, he became a student of Bilkent University, Faculty of Law. He has worked as a board member of a student club of law faculty, Law Career’s Club and as an employee in Radio Bilkent.

During his university education, he became a summer school student in London School of Economics and Erasmus student in Strasbourg University. Right now, he is the associate director of a thing tang called Anka Institute, located in Ankara. At the same time, he works as an online intern in a law firm located in Istanbul, MGC Legal.

Specialty areas:

  • Law

  • Digitalization

  • Blockchain, Metaverse and AI

  • International Relations

  • Philosophy

  • History

  • Economics

  • Travel

  • Literature

  • Defensive Arts

Fırat Çetiner
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