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Elona Shehaj


Elona Shehaj, born on March 25, 1992, in Albania, brings a wealth of diverse experiences to  her professional journey. Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and a  Master's degree in Intercultural Communication and Journalism, she has been on a unique  career path. 

For the past seven years, Elona has played a crucial role in the Ministry of Defense of  Albania. Her work there has been varied, showcasing her adaptability and dedication. 

Apart from her defense-focused roles, Elona also has a keen interest in storytelling, as seen in  her time as a journalist for two Albanian fashion magazines. Her focus areas included  fashion, daily living, and the latest trends in home decoration, adding a creative touch to her  career. 

Elona's curiosity doesn't stop there. She expresses a strong desire to explore academic writing  and delve into topics related to psychology. Despite not formally studying psychology, her  fascination with the subject, especially influenced by the works of Carl Jung, remains a  constant in her life. She hopes to deepen her understanding of the human mind and weave  this knowledge into her broader intellectual pursuits. Elona's blend of defense expertise,  journalistic flair, and a thirst for psychological understanding reflects her commitment to  continual learning and personal growth

Elona Shehaj
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