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Dane Prins


Dane Prins was born in 2000 in Ecuador. She is half Ecuadorian, half Dutch but grew up in Peru for a big part of her life. Due to her multicultural background, she has always found interest in culture, society and politics specially by trying to understand her surroundings.

These interests encouraged her to pursue a BSc in Public Administration at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam to later pursue a MA in International Relations with a focus on Culture and Politics in Leiden University.

Her hobbies surround creative writing, exploring new spaces and often doing some sort of research, even to satisfy her own curiosity and further enrichment.

She can be often found in art galleries, parks, museums and new cities taking a stroll, and often writing a poem or short story inspired by that place.

As such she has four main areas of focus regarding her research:

·         Public policy

·         Human rights and minorities

·         Latin American studies

·         Non-Western International Relations

Dane Prins
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