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Alexandra Gimpel


Alexandra Gimpel was born and raised in New York. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations & History with magna cum laude honors from Florida State University, she demonstrated exceptional dedication to her studies, culminating a GPA of 3.786 in 2017.

Alexandra's professional journey has been deeply rooted in the realms of international relations, encompassing experiences in the international adoption sector, environmental litigation sector, legal technology sector, and preventative healthcare sector. This diverse background equips her with a nuanced understanding of global dynamics and a unique perspective on navigating complex international landscapes.

Currently pursuing a Master of Arts in International Relations through the University of WestFlorida, online program, Alexandra is poised to graduate within the next two years, further enhancing her expertise in global affairs.

Residing in Madrid, Spain, Alexandra is actively immersing herself in the local culture while undertaking rigorous Spanish language studies. This fervent dedication reflects her aspiration to attain bilingual proficiency, positioning herself to seamlessly integrate into the Spanish-speaking international relations sector and contribute meaningfully to the field.

In her spare time, Alexandra endeavors to immerse herself in diverse localities throughout Spain, absorbing their unique histories, artistry, and culinary traditions. When she is not traveling, she is likely reading true crime novels or searching for the perfect meal.

Her areas of research interest include:

  • 20th-century European History

  • History & Culture of Spain

  • Cold War

  • Spanish Literature

Alexandra Gimpel
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