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Maria Fokina

Graphic Designer

Maria Fokina is a creative professional based in Luxembourg, possessing a diverse background that spans various sectors, including newspapers, magazines, video production companies, and art studios.

Demonstrating curiosity and creativity from an early age, Maria earned her Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Journalism in Moscow. This educational background equipped her with the skills to seamlessly integrate article writing with layout design. Initially working as an independent journalist covering a spectrum of topics such as art, social issues, fashion, and lifestyle, Maria later relocated to Luxembourg for personal reasons.

In Luxembourg, Maria actively contributed to the fields of communications and marketing. She excelled in developing compelling social media campaigns, organizing brand activation events, and delivering graphic design solutions for these projects. Simultaneously, she nurtured her artistic side, producing acrylic paintings and intuitive one-line drawings that garnered attention through various exhibitions held across the country.

Maria Fokina
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