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Beini Chen

Graphic Designer

Beini Chen is a multidisciplinary visual designer based in London, with a prolific career that has spanned diverse cities such as Shanghai, London and Tokyo. Her journey in design began with a strong educational foundation, earning a Master in Graphic Communication Design from Central Saint Martins in London.

Beini’s professional path has been characterised by her adaptability and broad expertise, which includes graphic design, typography, motion graphics, and editorial design. Her career took off in Shanghai, where she honed her skills in various design roles, from internships to full-time positions, before transitioning to freelance work that allowed her to collaborate with international clients and studios. This global exposure is evident in her work, which adeptly melds aesthetic precision with functional design.

Upon moving to London, Beini continued to expand her portfolio by engaging in sophisticated branding projects and interactive media initiatives. She is known for her ability to communicate and coordinate effectively, ensuring that her design solutions are not only visually compelling but also align with strategic business goals. Alongside her professional pursuits, Beini is an active participant in the local art scene, where she exhibits her self-published works and interactive installations, further showcasing her creative versatility and commitment to the arts.

Beini Chen
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