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Amparo Perucho

Graphic Designer

Amparo Perucho, hails from the culturally rich Mediterranean city of València, where a dynamic blend of creativity and academia shaped their early years. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and a comprehensive mastery of UX/UI through a specialized Master's Course, Amparo seamlessly navigates both the digital and traditional realms of arts and design.

Over the course of their professional journey, Amparo has cultivated a diverse skill set and a wealth of experiences. From successful ventures as a freelancer, specializing in branding and web design projects, to active involvement in university-level competitive debating and equity teams, Amparo's trajectory reflects a commitment to multifaceted growth.

These varied experiences have not only honed Amparo's design expertise but have also fostered a sharpened sense of critical thinking. This mindset positions design as a strategic problem-solving exercise, with a primary focus on amplifying ideas, narrating stories, and embodying values through visually compelling experiences. Amparo brings to the table a unique blend of artistic insight and strategic thinking, making them a valuable asset in any creative or design-oriented endeavor.

Amparo Perucho
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