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Vasilena Manolakeva

Graphic Designer

Vasilena was born in 1993 in Burgas, Bulgaria, a lovely city by the coast with beautiful architecture and lovely landscapes. She graduated from the National Academy of Art in Sofia with honors with a bachelor's degree in textile design. Among her many interests are the science of colors, the history of art, and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, design trends and innovations.

Vasilena's professional background includes, but is not limited to, currently teaching advertising graphics at an art secondary school, volunteering on many design projects, and working as a freelance graphic designer. Her experience is showcased in a vast portfolio of paintings, illustrations, posters, book covers, corporate branding, etc. At the moment, she's in the process of opening a new page as a design professional after 5 years teaching graphic design and, in the meantime, engaging herself in freelancing and volunteering.

Her favorite pastime activities are painting, reading, and taking long walks with her two dogs. Although her cat doesn't like exploring the outdoors that much. At home, she likes listening to music while creating her art and taking care of her plants. Whenever she has the opportunity, she enjoys gardening and spending time in nature. She dreams of having her own village house away from the city, where she could provide an even better life for her loved ones.

Vasilena Manolakeva
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