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Stavarache Marian

Graphic Designer

Marian was born in 1999, he is a young multimedia Romanian artist and graphic designer. Most of his artistic work revolves around themes that range from the internet culture to the various dimensions of violence, neglect, and decay.
The nature of his artistic labor presents itself through a raw, unthoughtful, and experimental approach, the statement being made with bold imagery, that part-takes in the creation of an awkward, abstract, and undefined space. His designs are also pretty neat if he can say so.

He completed his Bachelor’s degree studies at the George Enescu University of fine arts in Iasi/Romania, and was for some time furthering his studies to his master's degree until he felt the blatant amount of stagnation and decided to quit.

He enjoys:

• Petting dogs
• Petting cats (sometimes)
• Talking about himself in the 3rd person
• Engaging in the consumption of unhealthy amounts of alcohol.

Stavarache Marian
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