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Romina Font Regalado

Graphic Designer

Romina Font (she/her) was born in Alicante, Spain, in 2000. Currently, she is taking a User Experience Design (UX) course, and her interests are based on self-love, nature, food, poetry, and self-help books.

Romina is a graphic designer, digital artist and content creator with a versatile profile. She studied Design and Creative Technologies at the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia. Also, she is qualified in photography and social media management.

In the autumn of 2022, she moved to Dublin to develop her career as a professional creative to improve her skills in the design world. Currently, she lives in Dublin, where she is Digital Marketing Assistant in a hotel.

Since childhood, she has been very imaginative and passionate about design, drawing and photography. Over time, she has evolved and strives to renew herself every day.

Her values are based on dreaming and creating to become the best version of ourselves. Her skills are based on empathy and communication to become more efficient daily. Thanks to the degree she studied and her work experience, she works very well in groups. She is good at making decisions and working under pressure. She is also a person who loves to learn continuously.

Finally, you can usually find her reading poems in a lovely garden or in a coffee shop drinking a matcha oat latte. 🌼

You can check her work at her website:
Or follow her work on Instagram:

Her main speciality areas are:

• Branding Design
• UX Design
• Social Media Managing

Romina Font Regalado
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