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Roberta Fucci


Roberta Fucci was born in Anzio, a seaside town south of Rome, Italy, in 1994. She is an
illustrator and comic artist. Since she loves traveling and foreign cultures, she lived and worked abroad for several years appreciating chaotic cities such as Dublin and Melbourne as well as enjoying the
peaceful landscapes of Tasmania and the solitary ones of Western and South Australia.

She also curiously discovered Vietnam while traveling as a volunteer English teacher.
All the places she visited enhanced her will to understand other cultures and share her
knowledge through visual art. Therefore, she decided to move back to Italy to attend
the first-year course of Fine Art at "Accademia di Belle Arti, Pietro Vannucci" in
Perugia. Lately, she graduated in Illustration and Comics at "NID- Nuovo Istituto
Design" in Perugia, in 2022. Her artworks and projects are mainly developed with
traditional techniques, such as graphite, ink, watercolors, acrylic on paper, and
printing by wood engraving. Nevertheless, she creates digital artwork too. She also enjoys listening to music, playing fantasy video games, and being in nature.

Her specialty areas are:

• Illustration
• Comics
• Concept art

Roberta Fucci
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