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Rebecca Mogavero

Art Illustrator

Rebecca Mogavero, hailing originally from Turin, Italy, completed her education at the art high school before dedicating three years to the Academy of Fine Arts. Electing to forge a career path as an illustrator and comic artist, she presently pursues advanced studies at the Event Horizon School with the aim of becoming a proficient comic book author.

Drawing from her prior involvement in local museums, where she contributed to projects for visitors, Rebecca transitioned into the realm of creativity. Her professional journey encompassed roles as a web designer, graphic designer, and social media manager, collaborating with a skilled photographer at an optics store in Turin. Subsequently, she joined a compact team of designers specializing in bespoke graphics for a printing company.

In tandem with her ongoing educational pursuits, Rebecca has undertaken commissioned illustration work for private clients over the past few years. Simultaneously, she actively engages in diverse personal projects, notably a psychologically themed comic that she has conceptualized, written, and illustrated independently.

Leveraging her rich artistic background and adeptness in various painting and graphic techniques, Rebecca not only creates autonomously but also imparts her knowledge to facilitate the creative expression of others. She underscores the contemporary significance of storytelling in today's cultural milieu.

Rebecca Mogavero
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