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Paulina Wieczorek

Art Consultant

Paulina Wieczorek was born in Poland in 1993. She has a background in Architecture. Her passion for visuals, communication, and creating something that matters lead her to work in the graphic design field in Denmark.

Her diversified yet art-centered study pursuit led her career to develop in different directions: graphic, management, and photography. Currently, she is employed full-time in the graphic design field for an international company in an office based in Denmark, working with a team from all over the world. Her focus is working on visual concepts, communicating ideas, and solving problems through visuals.

She co-developed her graphic studio called Qsztuce, where she works on bringing esthetics and inspiring others with beautiful designs. Thanks to her studies and international experience she developed a strong understanding of the importance of the human factor in every organization. She enjoys working with others during conversations, projects, meetings, or other collaborations. With her ability to communicate well, actively listen, and be responsible and honest all collaborations go very smoothly.

Her main specialties are:
• Graphic design
• Architecture
• Communication
• Photography

Paulina Wieczorek
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