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Otilia Iliescu

Art Consultant

Otilia Iliescu, a Romanian native residing in Italy, is an artist and scholar deeply engaged in the realms of arts and culture. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from NABA Milano and a Master's degree in Arts and Culture Management from Rome Business School, highlighting her dedication to both creative expression and academic inquiry.

Throughout her career, Otilia has shared her artistic vision through exhibitions and publications. Her works have been showcased in prestigious exhibitions such as the Rome International Art Fair (3rd edition), Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair (2nd edition), and Venice International Art Fair. Notably, she curated the personal exhibition 'Metamorphoses of Existence' at the Monique Roussel Gallery in Iași, Romania.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Otilia is an accomplished author, having written two books, 'Out of Love of Art' and 'Normalizing the Human Experience.' Her writings and exhibitions aim to provoke thought and create meaningful connections with her audience, reflecting her deep engagement with the complexities of life and identity.

Otilia Iliescu
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