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Oona Tiirakari


Oona Tiirakari, born in Finland, but raised in Switzerland, is a volunteer
illustrator. She has always thought of herself as a very visual thinker and has
loved painting and drawing from a very young age. She studied for 4 years in
the UK and holds a Bachelor Honor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Falmouth
University and a Master’s Degree in Animation from the University for the
Creative Arts.

She has recently completed an animation internship at the European Molecular
Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Germany, in which she helped in creating and
designing teaching material for EMBL’s school visits and activities targeted to
school students. She had previously worked as a graphic design intern for
CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and the International
Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Switzerland.

Her main specialties include:

• Drawing
• Painting
• 2D animation
• Stop-motion

Oona Tiirakari
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