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Olivera Markoska

Art Illustrator

Macedonian Canadian, Olivera grew up in the small pictorical antic city of Ohrid, where she had a free
childhood. Playing outdoors, and creating secret gardens, this kind of play cultivated in her a wild
imagination and a love of nature from an early age, having a passion for Art and Psychology.
In 2009, after graduating from the University of Psychology in Bucharest, Romania, Olivera worked with
children through Art Therapy. She continued her studies at the School of Art of Bucharest, where she
graduated in 2012.

Immediately after she started collaborating with an Italian publishing company for luxury interior design
magazines. She designed magazines, books, covers, illustrations, and publicities for various genres and
topics, leading and coordinating with teams in different countries. She earned her certificate as a graphic
designer and illustrator in Nettuno Italy, in 2013.

Olivera continues her studies in Master of History of Art at University in Bucharest. Her next path drove her to Montreal, Canada. She finished the School of Business in Montreal, which helped her understand market trends and customer needs. She releases her first Coloring book in Canada and on the international market. After having her first success, Olivera releases her second book. From 2021 to the present, she has been Art Director and Creative Designer for two Canadian fashion brands. She creates artwork for collections, presentations in 3D, e-books...

With over ten years of experience in Graphic Design and illustration, she is a creative and multidisciplinary designer who can deliver stunning and impactful visual solutions for different industries and audiences. Passionate about creating beautiful designs that enhance the content and the message, and always strive to meet deadlines and quality standards. Olivera is always open to new paths and collaborations where we can achieve shared goals and make a better world in the Art community.

Olivera Markoska
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