Nona Kikaleishvili

Art Consultant

Nona Kikaleishvili, is a Georgian who was born and raised in Moscow. After high school, she moved to Prague, where she pursued her Bachelors's studies in the Strategic Marketing field at the Anglo-American University. Since childhood she’s been interested in both Arts and Science, therefore she decided to double major in Psychology, at Synergy University, in Moscow.

In addition to her academic journey, she had an opportunity to expose herself to the real market by taking a part in extracurricular activities, working as a marketing intern, and creating/curating entertaining social platforms.

Despite her tight schedule, Nona always makes time for her hobbies, which are: watching films, photographing, reading, or shortly, enjoying different forms of art.

Nona is particularly enthusiastic about customer behavior, advertising, PR, and market research & analysis.

During her experience, she developed strong communication skills, networking, strong attention to detail, research and analytical skills, as well as creativity.

Her specialty areas are:
• Market Research and Analysis
• Digital Marketing
• Social Media Management
• IO Psychology
• Cinematography
• Art History

Nona Kikaleishvili