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Nínive Maria Vargas De La Peña

Art Consultant

Bachelor in Letters by the Universidad de Monterrey (2018), and Master in Arts for Art History and Archaeology by Columbia University in the city of New York (2021), her main interests are grounded in the political discourse of representation within the iconography of religious, ethnical and sexual minorities present in the Spanish Empire throughout the 16th and 18th centuries. Her research into the subject can be found in the academic journal Humanitas, her blog Looking Closer, along other pending publications.

Nowadays, you can find her providing private art tours in Madrid and Europe while striving to decode the messages in art history for all audiences. Her heartfelt goal is to keep the conversation with our past alive while shaping the history that humanity and art history will take through emphasizing what we owe to each other in the construction of society. In times of leisure, you can find her drawing portraits of strangers, visiting the latest art exhibition or carrying her personal library around with the help of even more strangers.

Nínive Maria Vargas De La Peña
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