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Myriam Rotzetter

Art Consultant

For over 10 years, Myriam Rotzetter has been working for private collectors of ancient and contemporary art, and has a wide range of expertise.

She is interested in the arts of antiquity, in the influence of the past in the present world, and in the need to transmit and preserve it.

She also has a great interest in the international art market and contemporary artists.

In 2007, she managed an associative exhibition space in New York, and organized about fifteen exhibitions of local artists. Since 2008, she works for renowned private collections, and offers her services independently in parallel, both for seasoned collectors and individuals requiring occasional assistance. She shares her time between Paris and Geneva.

She holds a BA in Art History and Classical Studies, and is a member of the Swiss Association of Art Historians.

Myriam Rotzetter
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