Mingyu Fei

Account Manager

Mingyu Fei, was born in southeastern China in 1998. Since childhood, Mingyu has shown a special interest in art and literature. Her artistic enlightenment started from learning traditional Chinese musical instrument and calligraphy.

After four years’ study, she earned a bachelor degree in management. The undergraduate curriculum enlightened her on the vast field of public management and provided an access to the underlying themes in cultural industries.

Since then, Mingyu has always been quite adventurous in living her life. Thanks to an exchange program, she got the chance to study and travel in Europe for half a year. During this period of time, she further explored her love in arts and culture. Plus her working experiences in museums and a local opera troup, Mingyu finally made up her mind to pursue further studies in this field.

This March, she just finished an internship in Copenhagen, which is mainly about operations and marketing tasks. Currently, she is studying Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment in Milan.

Her main specialty areas are:
• Operational Marketing
• Digital Marketing
• Qualitative Research
• Event Management
• Market Research and Analysis

Mingyu Fei