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Mine Dilmaç

Art Illustrator

Mine Dilmaç, an aspiring Artist and Architect with an unwavering passion for transforming creative thoughts into perceivable depictions.

Mine embarked on her academic journey by completing a Bachelor's degree in Architecture in 2021. During this journey, the illumination of down-to-earth references of architecture with the freedom of art encouraged her to create more. Gained two architectural competition prizes through the ability to integrate sustainability and creative design with high-tech solutions. She has created more than 50 unique drawings since her childhood.

She believes in the ability of architecture, research, and design thinking to effect decent in the sustainability of the world. Developed works for four different projects such as NetZeroCities - Build4GreenIST and FoCA - Free Off Carbon Architecture focusing on the path to reach climate neutrality within the scope of the EU's Horizon2020, Erasmus+, and CORNET collective research networking programs as a Project Developer at Turkish Green Building Council.

She has an aspiration for transforming spaces into functional works of art. She supported this desire by gaining experience in an architectural office and completing more than 50 technical bridge drawings which are in France. Besides, she illustrated an online high-quality, unique content library that has so far reached over 180 countries and has been used in projects by architects and designers.
Nowadays, she continues to work relentless drive to have the ability to use the infinite nature of design and to build a purpose through which creates sustainable and creative solutions.

Mine Dilmaç
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