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Maximillian Reinard

Content Artist

Maximillian is a Visual development artist from Jakarta, Indonesia.
He graduated from Multimedia Nusantara University with a bachelor of art in 2020.
Maximillian has worked on a couple short films as a background painter, background designer and character designer. His love of film and storytelling sprouted from a young age where he likes to exaggerate situations to make it more compelling. Now he gets to help a couple of animated feature films as a concept artist, designing sets and locations.
Maximillian is a very passionate artist who loves art history and architecture.

Maximillian is a communicative and an empathic person who values laughter and connection the most, because for him a connection with other groups of people could help him grow to be a better person both for himself and his community.

His main specialty areas are:

• Set design
• Costume design
• Illustration
• Painting

Maximillian Reinard
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