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Martine Bielawna

Art Illustrator

Eddie Bielawna is a non-binary Illustrator from Poland. They are especially proficient in character design, portrait, and impressionism-inspired digital painting. They are also skilled in comics, concept art, and traditional mediums like watercolour, gouache, or markers. They have a strong passion for book illustration, book and music album covers, and editorials. Eddie studied at the University of Derby in the UK and graduated with a BA degree in Illustration. At university they gained experience in traditional methods of print, like screenprinting and monoprinting, as well as risograph printing.

Prior to that, they attended a technical college in Poland where they studied marketing and advertising, with a sprinkle of art history on the side. Currently, they are a freelance illustrator on social media and part of the Arcadia team. During their freelance career they collaborated with hobbyist writers, creating illustrations for their stories. They have taken part in multiple charity art zines, where they collaborated with other artists in creating the finished product, contributing their skill in both illustration and design. One of their artworks is featured in The White Curl, a non-profit organisation that raises funds for Welsh charities, inspired by the activist work of the actor Michael Sheen.

When Eddie is not drawing, they are rewatching their favourite episodes of Good Omens or Our Flag Means Death, or listening to classical rock.

Martine Bielawna
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