Maria Rodriguez


Maria Rodriguez is an artist from Mexico born in 1998. She graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey with a BA in Animation and Digital Art. During her last college years, she focused on Visual Development and Game Development, where she created the visual development of an animated show along with a team, and a vertical slice of an original mobile game all by herself.

In 2020, she opened an Etsy shop, where she sells art prints, stickers, clay pins and keychains. With over 350 sales and a small community of art friends on Instagram, she is happy to manage this small business on her own.

Her favorite hobby is playing video games, but she also enjoys reading books, crocheting, embroidery, playing the ukulele, and doing yoga. She also loves working with different traditional media like watercolors, gouache, oil paints, ink, etc. She considers herself a very creative person, always working on a new art project and finding new techniques to further improve her art skills.

Her main specialty areas are:
• Digital and traditional illustration
• 3D modelling
• Character design

Maria Rodriguez