María Victoria Garrigues Muñoz


María Victoria Garrigues Muñoz, was born in London in 1988, although she is native to Spain. In her youth she has grown up in 5 different countries, and as an adult she has lived in another 5. She studied Psychology in Madrid, with specialization in social and communitarian psychology. She then moved on to study Social Innovation Management, in Nairobi. She has also built a specialization in Mindfulness.

She then moved on to contribute though social innovation projects, in various organization, generally in relationship to education and youth. After the pandemic she decided to leave her current job, and pursue a career in illustration. She studied a Master’s Degree in Publicity and Editorial Illustration, and is now happy to be taking her first steps in this field with Arcadia. She loves editorial illustration, and would like to dive deep into this field. She wishes to contribute to the world transmitting important messages though the power of illustration. 

Her main areas of specialty are:

• Editorial Illustration  
• Psychology 
• Social Innovation 

María Victoria Garrigues Muñoz