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Madalena Protásio

Content Artist

Madalena Protásio was born in Portugal in 2001. She later moved from her small hometown near the frontier with Spain to the United Kingdom, where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Animation at the University of Portsmouth. She now lives in London, trying to achieve her dreams. She’s an Illustrator mostly known for her Character Designs.

She has always had a passion for drawing, as she would imagine worlds and translate them into the paper instead of paying attention in class when she was young. This passion later developed into pursuing a career in arts and studying it for various years. She has been working as a Freelancer Artist making commissions for clients online, since her years at university.

Besides her love for arts, Madalena also enjoys baking for herself or friends, making her famous recipe for brownies that are said to be the “best in the world”. She also likes to spend some quiet time indulging herself in stories written on pages of books, although sometimes they are also drawn into the pages of her narratives.

Her specialties include:

• Illustration
• Character Art
• Concept Art

Madalena Protásio
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