Mércia Veloso

Account Manager

Mércia Veloso is a specialist in Digital Marketing, the Brazilian Mércia Veloso spent the last two years studying and specializing. During the pandemic, she decided to change her story and took several courses, including two MBA (Master Business Administration), where she could learn more about brand building and online presence.

Her passion for this area is so great, that she decided to apply her knowledge on her own Instagram account so that she could gain practical knowledge. Today she has more than 11,000 followers, who today are like fans who share her publications and drive her growth, reaching more than a hundred shares in some publications. Today she does volunteer work for some NGOs, among them is Arcadia, where she holds the position of Account Manager. And she also works with Instagram accounts of beauty salons in Brazil.

She also learned English by herself during the pandemic, where despite only two years of study, she has already reached the proficiency level. If there's one thing that can define her, it's determination. She is always looking to overcome the impossible. Mercia dreams of one day being able to change lives through her work with digital marketing, just as her life has been transformed.

Her main specialties are:
• Business Administration
• Digital Marketing

Mércia Veloso