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Kotono Sakai

Content Writer

Kotono Sakai was born in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan, but gained bilingual skills and global perspectives through living in multiple countries. She completed B. A in Liberal Arts in Tokyo with a primary major in Art History. During her bachelor’s degree, she flew to Milan, Italy for a year-long study abroad to further explore Art History. Through the experiences of appreciating Italian masterpieces and the richest works of Art every day, she was fascinated by the beauty of Art and decided to extend her studies to Italian Art history, which later led her to Italy again.

From her childhood, she has always recognized the powers and values of words. Being a fluent English speaker, she often created global content for international audiences. Her working experiences as a writer both in Japan and Italy made her even an enthusiastic and passionate writer and opened up the new door for the writing opportunity here in Arcadia. By utilizing her expertise in creative writing, she hopes to deliver satisfactory and intriguing content to Arcadia.

Her specialty areas are:

・Western Art History

Kotono Sakai
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