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Kamilla Prado

Graphic Designer

Kamilla Prado was born in Brazil in 1996 and has always wanted to travel and see the world, like a good adventurer. She graduated as a physical therapist but always had a passion for works that involved creativity, and when looking for more about digital branding for her clinical, she fell in love with design and never stopped dedicating herself. In a twist, she decided to change everything in her life. She moved to Spain and has been studying design and marketing for a year in a self-taught way, and today she pursues her greatest vocation: communicating with people through art and arousing emotions through her works.

Her previous profession offered him a keen eye for people's needs, always used empathy in her works to get as close as possible to the target audience. Currently, Kamilla is working as a freelance designer and social media manager. She is also delving into the study of creative development techniques and is specializing in UX design, which would allow her to be an even more complete professional.

Her main specialty areas are:
• Design
• Marketing
• UX Design

Kamilla Prado
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