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Judicaël Saint-Genez

Graphic Designer

Judicaël Saint-Genez is a Swiss-based creative with multidisciplinary experience in Graphic Design, Motion Design, Character Design, Pixel Art, Concept Art, Game Art, 2D and 3D Animation.

Judicaël studied at the Professional School of Contemporary Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Graphic Design. At this school he gained experience in all disciplines mentioned above with a touch of Art History. He currently is a Game Master in an Escape Room Company, a Freelance Visual Artist and part of the Arcadia team.

As for his hobbies, he is an avid gamer, reader, TV and film watcher and has an ear for all kinds of musical genre. Judicaël loves to design his own playlist cover so that his skills are always sharp. He particularly likes Internet drawing challenges, such as “Inktober” and “Creatuanary” to always challenge himself in different styles. Driven by his will to delve into the boundless creativity of the audiovisual industry, Judicaël aspires to make his mark as a multi-skilled Visual Artist.

Judicaël Saint-Genez
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