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Joshua Robin Smith

Art Consultant

With gallery art, published work, films and animations under his belt, Joshua Robin Smith currently runs his one-man studio, Bonzai_Sumisu, from his home country of South Africa. 

With his Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects as well as awards for Best Character Design and Best Visual Effects, Joshua Smith was given the boost he needed in his early entrepreneurial studio career.

Since starting Studio Bonzai_Sumisu, Joshua Robin Smith has assisted in marketing campaigns, stage musicals and films. He is also responsible for music videos, TV show pitches, as well as a self published book by the name of "Garden Fence". 

With his growing presence in the Art Community, Joshua Smith has made public appearances at festivals and conventions such as Picnic and Thrift and Comicon Africa as well as Comicon Capetown.

Aside from writings, drawings and animation, Joshua is a self-taught Filmmaker and photographer, with his debut film being the silent film "A Telltale Letter" followed by "Chester's Justice" a year later.

Joshua Smith continues pursuing his creative passions with Arcadia.

Joshua Robin Smith
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