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Inga Lovisek

Account Manager

Inga Lovisek, 36 years old skilled professional, from Prague who has a diverse range of experiences in management, hospitality, and social media.
She was born in Tbilisi, Georgia but moved to Prague in 2017. She has completed various academic degrees, starting from her Bachelor's degree in Management (BBA) from Ilia State University in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2017. From October 2017 to April 2018, she studied the Czech language at Charles University in Prague. Later, she pursued a Master's degree in Management at the University of Economics and Business in Prague, Czech Republic, which she completed in June 2021.

Inga has worked in various roles that have shaped her skills and expertise. From April 2018 to June 2020, she worked as a Social Media Associate/Concierge at Design Hotel Josef & Maximilian in Prague. There, she managed the hotel's social media channels and communication with hotel guests, arranged transportations, and tickets, and supported companies during on-site events. Later, from November 2020 until today, she has been working supporting a Global Programs at Securitas for Meta, Prague, where she partnered with the Global HR team to develop people development projects and designed onboarding experiences and new hire orientation programs. She also facilitated training programs in great customer service, hosted D&I, IWD events, and implemented an internal feedback culture. Inga is an independent content creator for social media and a photographer. She participated in various photo exhibitions and collaborating with other photographers and brands on story telling projects.

Inga is a fast learner with excellent communication and leadership skills. She is proficient in digital communication tools such as Meta Workplace, G Suite, Jira, Canva, MS Office, Lightroom and an active Mac OS user. She is passionate about sustainability, healthy lifestyle, D&I, travelling, pets, VR, and photography.
She speaks fluent English, Czech, while Georgian and Russian are her native languages.

Overall, Inga is a dynamic and skilled individual who has vast experience in various industries. She aims to continue to grow and develop her skills and passions by making a positive impact in fields of photography and social media content creation.

Inga Lovisek
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