Gerardo Canteros

Graphic Designer

Gerardo Canteros alias Ger Kant, 43, was born in Argentina on February 1, 1979. In 2001 he has her first Degree in Sistem Analysis. After that begin to study graphic design and graduate in 2005. In 2017 started his degree in digital marketing at UNED.

He began to develop as a graphic designer in 2005 until today, in his career he incorporated marketing and then migrated to digital marketing, evolving with the digital world. As a Programmer, I design web pages, landing pages, and other systems. Has the ability to develop a project from design to marketing implementation strategies. Today he is looking for new challenges that allow him to continue learning about this exciting profession.

His hobbies include playing video games, reading classic books, passionate about international cinema. Fan of Freddy Mercury as a singer, designer, and marketer. He loves to relax 100% on the weekend. He teaches primary and secondary school children as a contribution to the inclusion of all in the educational system.

His main specialty areas are:
• Graphic and advertising design
• Content marketing
• UX-UI website layout

Gerardo Canteros