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Georgios Sarakinas

Art Consultant

George Sarakinas is an art historian and academic, driven by a deep passion for art. Born in Greece in 1997 and from an early age, he has been captivated by the power of artistic expression and its ability to transcend cultural boundaries.

His academic journey commenced in 2015 in Thessaloniki where he pursued his BA in Conservation and Management of cultural heritage objects. Subsequently, he embarked on a more theoretical exploration of art, undertaking his MA in 'Art History' at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Recognizing that the art market was his true area of interest, George is currently pursuing his second master's degree in 'Art Law and Arts Management' at the International Hellenic University.

George's professional journey includes valuable experiences as a Gallery Assistant in a contemporary art gallery, where he refined his skills in handling and promoting contemporary art, along with curating an exhibition. This role allowed him to actively engage with the dynamic and evolving art scene. Adding an international dimension to his career, George completed an internship in a museum in Nicosia, Cyprus, providing him with insights into museum operations and the rich cultural heritage of the region. Furthermore, amid his academic journey, he cultivated his research skills through active participation in numerous research projects. Currently he is working in a gallery in the center of Berlin as a gallery assistant, working on art sales and taking on various administrational and organizational tasks. George is poised to contribute significantly to the intersection of art and culture. With a solid academic foundation and practical experience, he aspires to make meaningful contributions to the promotion of art and cultural heritage on a global scale.

Georgios Sarakinas
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