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Erika Ruiz

Design Director

Erika Ruiz, born in the island of Sicily, in southern Italy, was fortunate to be immersed in a mixture of art, history, and beauty from the very beginning. Growing up in such an inspiring environment, she developed a huge passion for photography, art, and architecture.

She graduated in Architecture and Construction Engineering at the University of Catania and shortly after, recognizing the potential of digital tools in shaping the future of architecture, she decided to pursue a specialization in Digital Architecture at IUAV in Venice.

She worked as Architect and 3D Artist in Italy and the Netherlands, experiences that allowed her to broaden her perspective, gain exposure to diverse architectural styles, and collaborate with talented professionals from various cultural backgrounds, before moving back to Italy to establish her own creative studio, PLEM | visual tales. In addition to her architectural endeavors, she explores digital illustration and concept art, constantly pushing the boundaries of her creative expression. She teaches 2D-3D animation and 3D modeling at the University of New York Tirana, inspiring the next generation of aspiring architects and artists.

In 2021 she was a finalist for the category image non-commissioned at the 3D Awards, a worldwide recognized competition for architectural visualization.

With her camera in hand and constantly in search of inspiration, she continues to travel the globe, capturing the beauty of diverse cultures, landscapes, and architectural marvels, allowing them to shape her creative vision.

Erika Ruiz
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