Emilia Sharples

Art Consultant

Emilia Sharples was born in South Wales in 1999. She has recently completed an undergraduate degree in Art History from the University of St Andrews and is currently undertaking a masters degree at the University of York in Digital Heritage. Her passion for both science and art has led her to this place.

She has an interest in the digital and technical applications uses conservation and preservation accessible to the heritage sector today, utilising new technology to preserve art and artefacts for future generations.

During the pandemic in 2020, Emilia co-founded an online platform for fellow students to write and share their experiences with art. This space welcomed students from a number of disciplines to write about their passions and demonstrate the multi-faceted nature of the art world. This helped develop a strong understanding of the importance of collaboration, effective communication and gain a good sense of responsibility.

Her main specialities are:
- Art History
- Art Conservation
- Heritage
- Photography

Emilia Sharples