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Devin Fisher

Content Artist

Devin Fisher was born in the United States, Indiana to be specific, in 2001.

He graduated from Indiana-University Purdue-University Indianapolis (IUPUI) last year with a Bachelor’s degree from the School of Informatics & Computing in Media Arts & Science with a specialization in Digital Storytelling. While his work experience was more for income than honing his design skills, he still learned skills that would be beneficial to grow in the working world, such as communication, cooperation, and understanding the fast pace of a business.

Outside of work is where Devin honed his artistic talents, mastering the skills he learned in his classes: illustration, character and creature design, general design, logo design, the principles of design and illustration, storyboarding, composition, animation, scriptwriting, and storytelling. Now that he has graduated, he continues to hone these skills as he searches for more opportunities to further his growth as a professional artist.

In his spare time, he enjoys sharing his artwork on his social media accounts, building connections from there, and learning more about the most prevalent video games and movies in our culture and industry.

During his time at part-time jobs and college, Devin found specialty areas where he is most professional in both academic and work life, including:

• Diligence with both the smaller details and the broader piece
• Meeting deadlines
• Following directions
• Unwavering creativity

Devin Fisher
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