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Congyi Chen

Art Consultant

Congyi Chen was born in Guizhou, China in 1998. She is currently a multidisciplinary artist, curator and copywriter. She has a strong sense of empathy for the people and events around her. She specializes in exploring and uncovering the essence of ordinary things. Passionate about social issues and the living conditions of marginalized groups, she chose to study philosophy and ethics at Sichuan Normal University(SICNU), where she gained insight into the relationship between human beings and the world.

With an unwavering passion for art, she pursued a double MA in Contemporary Art Theory and Practice at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in the UK in 2022. This decision broadened her horizons and deepened her theoretical foundation. Through various internships and jobs, including writing philosophical interpretations for animation, writing lyrics for music, writing articles and conducting interviews with artists and philosophers, she has enriched her practical experience and gained a deeper understanding of art and its applications. In addition, she is actively involved in volunteer activities for young artists and teenagers, which has given her a more comprehensive social perspective and humanistic qualities.

As an art consultant, she brings her rich experience and insights to her clients, helping them to better understand and apply art.

Congyi Chen
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