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Briana Farrar

Art Consultant

Briana Farrar graduated from University in May 2022 with a Bachelor's degree in Technical Theatre and Fine Arts. She loves finding new ways to combine art, theatre, and the environment. She has an interest in immersive art and any other exciting art forms.

She just got back from spending six months in Germany immersing herself in the culture, getting better at German, exploring the beautiful country, and experiencing art, theatre, and music festivals while there. She is looking for her next adventure! You can check out her travel account @travel_with_briana on Instagram!

As an artistic professional, she is always looking for new ways to grow and to be more environmentally friendly. She loves experimenting with new mediums and surfaces. As a theatre artist, she loves exploring and working with others on ideas. The idea of having a brand new space to create a unique and creative world is fascinating to her.

She also has a love for immersive theatre experiences. For her senior thesis, she created an immersive experience by giving trees in her campus's arboretum a voice about the impacts of Climate Change. 

Briana Farrar
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