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Barbara Grzesik

Graphic Designer

Barbara Grzesik was born in 1999 in Poznan, Poland. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at De Montfort University in Leicester and currently She is taking on Game Design course among the creators of Witcher- video game series. She loves anything motion-related. The thing about her is that she always thinks outside of the box and makes bold design choices that are also up to current trends. Highly developed analytical skills due to mathematical background are also the ones that help her think and made her passionate about anything technology related. She always commits to what she is doing and puts her whole heart into it. In her spare time She likes to travel on budget, play computer games, look for vintage clothing, do crazy makeups, acrylic paint or go to raves.

Her main specialty areas are:
• Branding
• Promotional Design
• Packaging Design
• Print and Publishing Design
• Interactive Design

Barbara Grzesik
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