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Aslı Erdursun

Graphic Designer

Aslı Erdursun was born in 1993. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Marmara University in 2017. After graduation, she started working as a Marketing Specialist while also creating written and visual content for the magazine and social media accounts of her employer. Aside from her professional pursuits, she has started to take courses in graphic design to follow her all-time passion for illustration. To come closer to merging her passion and her professional life, Aslı started working in a university as a Communication Designer. During this period of employment, she was able to realize her creative output in forms of printed publishings, promotional content and website visual designs. After a few years, she started working on another university as a Graphic and Visual Designer, which led to her newest occupation as a UI/UX Designer. Aside from her professional life, she has been providing voluntary support to an NGO as an illustrator throughout her career. Apart from working, Aslı enjoys writing, reading, traveling and spend time with nature.

Her main specialty areas are:

• Branding
• Illustration
• User Experience Testing
• User Interface Prototyping

Aslı Erdursun
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