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Anja Mikouiza

Art Consultant

Anja Mikouiza was born in 1992 in Zagreb Croatia where she attended the Art and Design high school. Afterwards Anja obtained her BA in Art, History of Art and Art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Her love and passion for visual developed in early childhood. Anja spent years studying and perfecting her technique and style. After living and working in Croatia, she moved to France with her family in the beginning of 2021 where she decided to expand her knowledge and obtained a professional higher diploma of Graphic and Web design. Newly obtained knowledge flamed her curiosity for digital art, more precisely illustration. Recently she decided to move to Canada, where she works towards getting an experience in a field related to her education. Her mainly focus stays in practicing and constantly learning about art, while also exploring other interests at the same time.

Her specialty areas include:

• Painting
• Sculpting
• Illustration
• Graphic design
• Video montage
• History of art
• Client relations

Anja Mikouiza
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